English Quiz- 4 || Vocabulary

English Quiz- 4 || Vocabulary

1). Unbiased
Meaning: impartial, unprejudiced, non-partisan
Definition: showing no prejudice for or against
something; impartial.
Usage: His assessment of the benefits and drawbacks
was unbiased.

2). Laconic
Meaning: brief, concise, terse, succinct
Definition: (of a person, speech, or style of writing)
using very few words.
Usage: His laconic reply suggested a lack of interest in
the topic.

3). Feeble
Meaning: weak, weakly, unwell
Definition: lacking physical strength, especially as a
result of age or illness.
Usage: By now, he was too feeble to leave his room.

4). Verbose
Meaning: wordy, loquacious, garrulous
Definition: using or expressed in more words than are
Usage: Much academic language is obscure and

5). Succinct
Meaning: concise, short, brief,
Definition: (especially of something written or spoken)
briefly and clearly expressed.
Usage: He gave a succinct résumé of the economic

6). Mediocre
Meaning: ordinary, common, moderate
Definition: of only average quality; not very good.
Usage: He is an enthusiastic if mediocre painter.

7). Slovenly
Meaning: scruffy, untidy, messy
Definition: (especially of a person or their appearance)
untidy and dirty.
Usage: He was upbraided for his slovenly appearance.

8). Ecstatic
Meaning: rapturous, joyful, joyous,
Definition: feeling or expressing overwhelming
happiness or joyful excitement.
Usage: Ecstatic fans filled the stadium.

9). Intermittent
Meaning: sporadic, irregular, fitful
Definition: occurring at irregular intervals; not
continuous or steady.
Usage: They heard intermittent bursts of gunfire.

10). Contiguous
Meaning: adjacent, neighbouring, adjoining
Definition: sharing a common border; touching.
Usage: The Southern Ocean is contiguous with the

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