Global Hunger Index 2019: India slips to 102nd place, Pakistan ranked 94

Global Hunger Index 2019: India slips to 102nd place, Pakistan ranked 94

Global Hunger Index 2019: India has lagged behind at 102nd position in the Global Hunger Index of 117 countries. It is the lowest ranking among other South Asian countries. The rest of the South Asian countries are ranked between 66th and 94th. The Central African Republic is at lowest, 117th, place in the list.

The Global Hunger Index was prepared on the basis of four indicators that are – child mortality, undernourishment, child wasting (weight for age) and child stunting. The major focus of the index was on the relation between climate change and hunger. The report also explains the impact of extreme weather on food production and food security.

India Specific Findings

• India ranked below Pakistan (94), Bangladesh (88), Nepal (73) and Sri Lanka (66) among other South Asian countries.
• As per the report prepared by Welt Hunger Life, India is one of the 45 countries where hunger causes serious crisis.
• In India, only 9.6% of all children between 6 to 23 months of age are given a minimum acceptable diet.
• As per the report, child wasting rate is the highest (20.8%) in the world while child stunting rate is 37.9% in India.
• India scores 30.3 in the list and indicates that the level of hunger is serious in the country.
• GHI highlights that the country has improved in some indicators such as under-5 mortality rate and prevalence of undernourishment owing to inadequate food.

Global Findings

• The report highlights that the climate crisis is bringing alarming levels of hunger in the world.
• Some countries that are facing alarming situation are – Yemen, Chad, Madagascar and Zambia.
• However, there are nine countries that are categorized in a worse situation. These countries are – the Central African Republic, Yemen, Malaysia, Madagascar, Venezuela, Lebanon, Mauritania, Jordan and Oman.
• The report found that 785 million people were suffering from hunger while 822 million people were found affected with hunger in 2018.
• GHI highlights that among the 117 countries ranked, 47 countries are in ‘serious’ and ‘alarming’ hunger levels and one in ‘critically alarming’.

How GHI scores calculated?

Global Hunger Index 2019 was prepared under four indicators, Child Mortality, Child Wasting, Child Stunting and Undernourishment. Each indicator was given a standardized score on a 100-point scale. After that, scores were calculated with all three dimensions of the GHI’s panel.

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