Independence Day of India is a National Festival, celebrated every year on 15th of August. It is a day of great significance for the people of India. On this day in 1947, India got freedom from the British rule after long years of slavery. It has been declared as the National and Gazetted Holiday throughout the country, to commemorate its independence from British Empire on 15th of August in 1947.

It was not easy for the India to get freedom from the Britishers; however, our freedom fighters, political leaders and the people of India were determined to gain independence.

Finally they succeeded on August 15, 1947, when the complete Legislative powers were granted to the Indian Constituent Assembly. Many have sacrificed their lives in attaining the freedom for their future generations without worrying about their comfort, rest and freedom.

They planned and acted upon various Independence Movements including violent and nonviolent resistance to gain absolute freedom.

However, independence has its own sorrows as it was followed by the partition of Pakistan. The partition wasn’t acceptable to some of the classes, consequently, resulting in communal riots on both sides. That horrible riot was the reason of mass casualties and dislocation of people (more than 15 million) from their homes.

At this day, all the national, states and local government’s offices, banks, post offices, markets, stores, businesses, organizations, etc remain closed; however, public transport is totally unaffected. The day is celebrated in the capital of India, New Delhi, with big enthusiasm and is also celebrated in all the schools, colleges and other educational institutions by the students and teachers including public community and society.

15 AUGUST 2019

Independence Day of India will be celebrated by the people all over the India on 15th of August 2018, at Thursday. This year in 2019, India will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day to pay tribute and remember all the freedom fighters who had contributed a lot and fought for the Independence of India.

The first Independence Day was celebrated in India on 15th of August in 1947.


Independence Day in India is fervently celebrated all throughout the nation. The festive fervor is easily felt from Delhi to lengths and breadths of the nation. This year too, the celebrations will be remarkable as India commemorate its 73rd Independence Day, which is going to be special in more than one ways:

  • PM has appealed to the people to provide valuable suggestions for his Independence Day speech through the Narendra Modi or Namo App.
  • A foot ball tournament named “Naga 73rd Independence Day Football Tournament 2019” was inaugurated on 28th July at Naga in North Sikkim.
  • Panchayat Heads of Bhartiya Janata Party in J&K will hoist the Tricolor in their houses.
  • All schools under North Delhi Municipal Corporation will display photos of the present President and the Prime Minister of India.
  • The Government of India has scrapped the Article 370 from J&K, through a Presidential order on 5th August 2019.
  • 300 meters of pedestrian friendly walkway will be open for shoppers in Chandni Chowk area of New Delhi.
  • Banaras Hindu University will go completely paperless on the 73rd Independence Day.
  • Security is stepped up in Delhi in wake of intelligence input indicating towards terrorist activities targeting Independence Day.
  • Senior leadership of INC (Indian National Congress) has stated that the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) will get a new chief by this Independence Day.
  • This year New York’s India Day parade, will be organized on 18th August, the American-Indian community will commemorate the sacrifice and valor of Indian soldiers. This would be the 39th New York’s India Day parade organized by Federation of Indian Association (FIA). This year the theme is “Support our Troops, Salute our Troops”.
  • The Government of India under the bureau of Outreach & Communication has organized a poster design competition on 73rd Independence Day. The competition is based on the theme “Changing Face of India – Independence Day 2019”. There is no age bar and the competition is open till 10th August for every citizen of India.

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