Israel election results: Benjamin Netanyahu fails to win majority

Israel election results: Benjamin Netanyahu fails to win majority

Israel election results: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party got 32 seats while Benny Gantz’s Blue and White received 33 seats in election results. Now, it is a virtual tie between both the parties and third general elections can be taken place within a year.

Benjamin Netanyahu urged Benny Gantz to form a unity government but Gantz clearly said that he wants to be the next Prime Minister of the country. According to the present scenario Likud-led bloc control 55 of parliament’s 120 seats. On the other hand, Blue and White lead left-bloc will have 56-57 seats. It means both the parties are falling short of a majority (61) mark.

Israel Election Results 2019
Party Name Seats won
Blue and White 33
Likud 31
The Joint List 13
Shas 9
Yisrael Beytenu 8
Yamina 7
Labor-Gesher 6
Democratic Union 5
Total 120
Note: 61 seats are needed to form a government in Israel.

Exit Polls

According to the various exit polls of Israeli TV channels, this time it will not be easy for Benjamin Netanyahu to come back to the power. The final election survey described a close contest between the Likud Party and its main rival, the Blue and White Party. Apart from these two, 28 other parties are also in the contest. Exit polls estimate 31 to 33 seats to Likud Party.

Why elections after 5 months

Netanyahu’s Likud party got 36 out of 120 seats in the general election held on April 9 this year. It was one more than Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party. Netanyahu got the mandate to form the government, but the coalition government did not last long and he dissolved the parliament in May.

Impact on India

The friendship of the two leaders, Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu, is very popular. India-Israel relations have strengthened in recent years. During Netanyahu’s election campaign, his pictures with Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral. A large banner was also put up on an Israeli building showing the warm relationship between the two leaders and the bilateral relationship between India and Israel. Netanyahu had used photographs and banners with many foreign leaders to convey the message to the public.

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