National Geoscience Awards: Syed Naqvi conferred Award for Excellence, Sohini Ganguly awarded Young Scientist

National Geoscience Awards: Syed Naqvi conferred Award for Excellence, Sohini Ganguly awarded Young Scientist

National Geoscience Awards: The National Geoscience Awards 2018 were conferred to 22 scientists across India for outstanding contributions in the field of geosciences, mining and allied areas. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi conferred the awards on September 19, 2019.

The National Geoscience Awards were conferred in ten disciples covering groundwater exploration, mineral exploration, mineral beneficiation, mining technology, basic and applied geosciences, sustainable mineral development, natural hazards investigation and geo-environmental studies.

National Geoscience Award of Excellence

The Award for Excellence was conferred to Prof. Syed Wajih Ahmad Naqvi from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) for his significant global contributions in the field of aquatic biogeochemical research.

Young Researcher Award

The Young Scientist Award-2018 was awarded to Dr. Sohini Ganguly from Goa University for her significant work in the fields of volcanology, geochemistry and petrology.

Speaking on the occasion, Pralhad Joshi said that strengthening the synergy between the professional and academic institutions working in field of geosciences is the need of the hour. The Union Minister also called upon the geoscientific community to come up with innovative ways to discover concealed mineral resources while causing least ecological disturbance. He said that the Government aims to increase mineral production (in value terms) by 200 percent in 7 years.

Full list of awardees:

Serial No. Discipline and Awards Type of Awards
National Geoscience Award of Excellence- 2018
1 Prof. Syed Wajih Ahmand Naqvi (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) Individual Award
National Young Scientist Award- 2018
1. Dr. Sohini Ganguly (Dept. of Earth Science, Goa Univeristy) Individual Award
National Geoscience Awards- 2018
1. Dr. Yamuna Singh (Mineral Discovery & Exploration) Individual Award
2. Geological Survey of India Team (Mineral Discovery & Exploration)

(i) Dr. Debjani Sarkar

(ii) Mr. Prabhakar Keshaorao Raut

(iii) Mr. Pradipta Sur

Team Award
3. Dr. Janardhana Raju Nandimandalam (Groundwater Exploration) Individual Award
4. Dr. Ashim Kumar Sinha (Mining Technology) Individual Award
5. Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (Mining Technology) Individual Award
6. Dr. Danda Srinivas Rao  (Mineral Beneficiation) Individual Award
7. Dr. Raj Shekhar Singh (Sustainable Mineral Development) Individual Award
9. Dr. Parampreet Kaur (Basic Geosciences) Individual Award
10. Professor Jyotisankar Ray (Basic Geosciences) Individual Award
11. Dr. Tajdarul Hassan Syed  (Applied Geology) Individual Award
12. Dr. Vikrant Jain (Applied Geology) Individual Award
13. Dr. Nittala Satyavani (Geophysics/Applied Geophysics) Individual Award
14. GSI Team (Geophysics/Applied Geophysics):

(i) Mr. H.C. Gouda

(ii) Mr. H. Rajaram

(iii) Dr. R.K. Singh

(iv) Mr. Ramesh Kesavan

Team Award
15. Dr. Bahadur Singh Kotlia (Geo-Environmental Studies) Individual Award
16. Dr. R. Jayangonda Perumal (Natural Hazard Investigations) Individual Award

National Geoscience Awards: Everything you need to know!

The annual National Geoscience Awards are conferred in three categories:

1. National Geoscience Award for Excellence: The award is conferred to recognise outstanding lifetime achievements and contributions by geoscientists, engineers, technologists and academicians for contribution in the field of Geosciences. The award carries a cash prize worth Rs 500,000/-, a certificate, a citation and a trophy.

2. National Geoscience Awards: The nineteen awards are awarded to geo-scientists, engineers, technologists, academicians individually or in teams to recognize their meritorious contribution in fields such as discovery and exploration for minerals, coal, oil, natural gas and  gas hydrates, groundwater, mining technology, mineral beneficiation, sustainable mineral development, stratigraphy, paleontology, structural geology, geomorphology, , Geodynamics, Economic Geology, petrology and geochemistry, geophysics / applied geophysics, applied geology, geo-environmental studies, ocean development, geo-information system, disaster management and Glaciology and Antarctic Research. The award carries a cash prize of Rs 200,000, a certificate, a citation and a trophy.

3. Young Researcher Award: The award is conferred to a researcher or scientist who is below the age of 30 years on December 31 of the year of the award to recognize his/her research work in the field of geosciences. The award carries a cash prize worth Rs 50,000, a certificate, citation and a trophy.

National Geoscience Awards: Eligibility

Any Indian citizen who is a professionally qualified geo-scientist, engineer, technologist or academician with significant contribution in any of the field specified in Clause 3 of the regulation shall be eligible for the National Geoscience Awards.

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