Nuclear Energy Conclave 2019 held in New Delhi

Nuclear Energy Conclave 2019 held in New Delhi

India Energy Forum organized 11th Nuclear Energy Conclave (NEC) in New Delhi. NEC-2019 was focused on economical importance of Nuclear Energy and its theme was – Economics of Nuclear Power- Innovation towards Safer & Cost-Effective Technologies.

Minister of State for Atomic Energy, Dr. Jitender Singh, said on this occasion that various nuclear plants are being established in India. Earlier, nuclear plants were restricted in southern India only but now an Atomic plant has been established in Gorakhpur in Haryana.

Key Highlights

• Minister of State for Atomic Energy said that a hall of nuclear energy was recently opened in New Delhi to create awareness about the application of nuclear energy.
• It was also highlighted during the conference that Light Water Reactors and Fast Breeder Reactors were also deployed in the country.
• It was informed that light water reactors are those power reactors that are moderated and cooled with ordinary water.
• There are two basic types of reactors – Boiling water reactor and pressurised water reactor.
• India can access to the imported uranium that will help us to increase nuclear program size.

What is India Energy Forum?

It was established in 2001 with an objective to understand India’s Nuclear Energy Program. Now, it has a special status of the spokesman of India’s total energy sector. Several public and private nuclear organizations, oil and gas organizations, Renewable energy organizations are members of India Energy Forum. Some of them are – NHPC, NTPC, Power Grid Corporation, ONGC, Power Finance Corporation among others.

About India’s Nuclear Energy Program

Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha launched the nuclear energy program of India at the time of Independence. It was launched with an objective of providing reliable and safe electric power to the country. It was said that India’s social and economic growth will get a new pace with reliable electric power. India has adopted a three-stage strategy of nuclear power generation which is Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR), Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) and Thorium based Reactor.

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