Quant Quiz-5 SI & CI

Quant Quiz-5 SI & CI

  1. The simple interest obtained when a sum of money is invested for 4 years at 18 % per annum is Rs. 427 more than the simple interest for 2 years at 22% per annum. What is the amount obtained when the same sum of money is invested for 4 years at 20 % per annum?

(a) Rs.122000             (b) Rs. 122200            (c) Rs. 112200             (d) Rs. 10000              (e) NOT


  1. John invests certain sum for 2 years in scheme A offering compound interest of 20% per annum. He also invests less than previous by Rs. 1600 in scheme B for 3 years offering simple interest at 10% per annum. The interest received from scheme A was twice the interest received from scheme B. what is the sum of money invested by John in scheme B?

(a) Rs. 3400                (b) Rs. 7800                (c) Rs.4400                  (d) R.s 8400                (e) NOT


  1. The simple interest @ 6% per annum received on a principal of Rs. X was Rs. 482.40 when invested for 3 years in scheme A. if the scheme B offered compound interest at 10 % per annum compounded annually, what was the interest received by investing Rs. X-680 for 2 years in scheme B?

(a) Rs. 280                  (b) R.s 890                  (c) Rs. 840                   (d) Rs. 210                  (e) Rs. 420


  1. An equal amount of sum is invested in scheme M and scheme N. both the schemes offer simple interest at the rate of 12% and 9% respectively. If at the end of two years the total amount received from both the schemes together was Rs. 19360, what is the amount received by investing in scheme M?

(a)  Rs. 7900               (b) Rs. 5300                (c) Rs. 8000                 (d) Rs. 7100                (e) Rs. 12000


  1. An interest of Rs. 8384 is received when a certain sum of money is invested in scheme X for 4 years which offers interest of 8% per annum. When the same money is invested in scheme Y amount received is Rs. 39562, what is the rate of interest offered by scheme Y?

(a)  11¾%                   (b) 12¾%                    (c) 11%                        (d) 15%                       (e) 16½%


  1. A sum of money was invested for 5 years in a scheme which offers simple interest at a rate of 12% per annum. The amount received after 5 years was reinvested in the same scheme for 10 years. If the amount received after reinvesting for the same period is Rs. 782 more than initial sum of money, what was the initial sum of money invested in the scheme?

(a)  Rs. 190                 (b) Rs. 750                  (c) Rs. 20                     (d) Rs. 850                  (e) NOT


  1. The compound interest accrued on an amount of Rs. 22000 at the end of two years is Rs. 5596.8. What would be the simple interest accrued on the same amount at the same rate in the same period?

(a)  Rs.5280                (b) Rs. 6280                (c) Rs. 7820                 (d) Rs. 5820                (e) Rs. 3280


  1. The simple interest obtained on an amount of Rs. 45000 at the end of 4 years is Rs. 15300. What would be the approximate interest obtained on the same amount at half the initial rate and double the initial period if compounded quarterly?

(a)  Rs. 18000             (b) Rs. 17809              (c) Rs.18109                (d) data inadequate (e) NOT


  1. Ravi invests an amount of Rs. 39300 for 4 years at the rate of 4 % per annum. David invests Rs. 45000 at the same rate of interest for 5 years. What will be the interest they both together get by investing total amount at the rate of 6% per annum for 10 years compounded half yearly?

(a) Rs. 56020               (b) Rs. 80279              (c) Rs. 20400               (d) Rs. 70020              (e) NOT


  1. Karan took a loan at simple interest rate of 6% in the first year with an increase of 0.5 % in each subsequent year. She paid interest of Rs. 3375 after 4 years. How much loan did she take?

(a) Rs. 45000              (b) Rs. 40000              (c) Rs. 56000               (d) Rs. 62000              (e) NOT


Answers:   1-a   2-c   3-e    4-c    5-b    6-d    7-a   8-c    9-b    10-a



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