Quant Quiz- 9 || Profit & Loss

Quant Quiz- 9 || Profit & Loss

Dear Aspirants, In this post we are providing a set of Quantitative Aptitude  Quiz on Profit & Loss for Exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI PO, RBI, NICL, SBI SO, LIC, IBPS Exams, SBI Exams and other competitive exams.

  1. A man sold an article for Rs. 6800 and incurred a loss. Had he sold the article for Rs. 7600, his gain would have been equal to half of the amount of the loss that he incurred. At what price should he sell the article to have 20 % profit?

(a)        Rs. 8000                      (b) Rs. 8500                (c) Rs. 8800                 (d) Rs. 9000                (e) Rs.7500


  1. The cost price of two cars is same. One is sold at a profit of 20% and the other for Rs. 360 more than the first one. If the overall profit earned after selling the tables is 22%, then what is the cost price of each chair? (a) 10,00,000   (b) Rs. 15,00,000                (c) Rs. 9,00,000           (d) cannot be determined (e) NOT


  1. If a shopkeeper marks the price of goods 50% more than their cost price and allows a discount of 40%, what is his gain or loss percent?


(a)        10 % loss                     (b) 5% profit               (c) 15 % loss                (d) 5 % loss                 (e) NOT


  1. A retailer brought 40 kg of wheat at a discount of 15 % on the market price. Besides, he was given 6 kg of wheat free of cost, by the retailer for purchasing bulk quantity. If retailer sold the entire quantity of rice at the marked price to his customers, then approximately what was his profit percent?

(a)        50%                 (b) 25%                       (c) 18%                        (d) 35%                       (e) NOT


  1. A shopkeeper bought 30 kg of wheat at the rate of Rs. 45 per kg. He sold 30 % of total quantity at the rate of Rs. 50 per kg. Approximately, at what price per kg should he sell the remaining quantity to make 28 % profit?

(a)        Rs.69 per kg    (b) Rs. 40 per kg         (c) Rs.60.85 per kg      (d) Rs. 54.70 per kg    (e) NOT


  1. A mobile phone and a tablet were sold at a profit of 10% and at a loss of 6 % respectively. If the cost price of the mobile is 1.5 times of the tablet, what is the overall profit percentage earned by selling both the articles?

(a)        4%                               (b) 1%                         (c) 5%                          (d) 8%                         (e) 2%


  1. Prateek sold a music system to karthik at 20 % profit and karthik sold it to sweta at 40 % profit. If sweta paid Rs. 10500 for the music system, what amount did Prateek pay for the same?

(a)        6250                (b) 5000                       (c) 8000                       (d) 7500                      (e) 9000


  1. A shopkeeper makes a default of 5% on purchasing the goods and again makes a default of 5 % on selling the goods then find the total profit percent?

(a)        10.25%                        (b) 15.5%                    (c) 12%                        (d) 10.5%                    (e) NOT


  1. On selling a book in Rs. 60, publisher get 1/11 part of its cost as loss, then find cost price of the book? (a) 55    (b) 66                           (c) 61                           (d) 77                          (e) 68


  1. The profit after selling a pair of shirts for Rs. 863 is same as loss incurred after selling the same pair of shirts for Rs. 633. What is the cost price of the pair?

(a)        748                  (b) 568                         (c) 650                         (d) data inadequate     (e) 550


Answers:   1- c   2- c   3- a    4- d    5- c    6- a    7- a   8- a    9- b    10- a

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