Quiz 10 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 10 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 10 – Most Important Double Fillers

  1. Manufacturing growth across Asia, Europe and the Americas eased in current month as heavy price

cutting failed to revive __________ providing more evidence that a feeble global economic recovery may

be __________ to a halt.

(a)supply, grind

(b)demand, grinding

(c)supply, grounding

(d)demanding, grind

(e)demanded, going


  1. Crude oil markets rose after __________ a five year low rebounding after data suggested that tumbling prices

may have started to affect __________ activity in the fast growing US shale oil industry.

(a)hit, drill

(b)hitting, drilled

(c)hitting, drilling

(d)going, drilled

(e)touching, exhuming


  1. In fact, there is a strong case to promote liquor

__________ in high quality factories under regulation so

that the __________ of illicit liquor and hooch goes down.

(a)manufacturing, supply

(b)production, consuming

(c)generation, supply

(d)generated, demand



  1. The government ease foreign direct __________ norms for the construction development sector , which is

expected to provide a __________boost to the sector in terms of greater foreign capital inflows.

(a)investment, substance

(b)invention, substantial

(c)investment, substantial

(d)divestment, meager

(e)investment, superficial


  1. The banks were nationalized in __________ to take banking to the __________ country and all its citizens.

(a)aim, whole

b)order, backward

(c)orderly, entirely

(d)order, entire

(e)view, wholly


  1. Cassava grows __________ in South India, but has one problem it contains a toxin that must be __________ by

long so kiting in water.

(a) hardly, remove

(b)easy, remove

(c)easily, remove

(d)hard, removed

(e)easily, removal


  1. A human journey is __________ when there is someone at the door to __________ them when they get at home.

(a)incomplete, greet

(b)complete, ignore

(c)incompetent, ignore

(d)complete, greet

(e)complete, great


  1. An adult reader is __________ for his tutor to come along and show hit n how to __________ a book.

(a)waiting, handle

(b)wait, handle

(c)wait, handling

(d)waiting, open

(e)waited, open


  1. Operations in steel plant which __________a major accident Is __________graded

(a)suffer limp

(b) occur, limp

(c)suffer, coming

(d)suffered, limping

(e)suffered, limped


  1. The new government is __________ a comprehensive revamp of the health insurance scheme for the poor in

a move that will __________ further many people.

(a)propose, loss

(b)proposing, harm

(c)proposing, benefit

(d)proposed, benefit

(e)proposed, harm


Answers: 1-b , 2-e , 3-a , 4-c , 5-d , 6-c , 7-d , 8-a , 9-d , 10-c .

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