Quiz 2 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 2 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 2 – Most Important Double Fillers


  1. What goes into making a marriage can only be__________ by trial and error and couples are best left to __________ out what works.

(a)discovered, translate            (b)regulated, find                     (c) learnt, figure

(d)seen, thrash                                     (e)experienced, judge


  1. The producer is known to __________ with new stars and fresh talent, and though there have been a few hits and misses, this filmmaker totally __________ for the new breed.

(a)try, demands                        (b)experiment, vouches                       (c)sign, goes

(d)produce, promises               (e)work, supports


  1. The Government stated that it had the __________ right to use as much force as was necessary to regain control of areas__________ by terrorists.

(a)free, marked                                    (b)practical, left                       (c)fundamental, infest

(d)basic, undertaken                (e)legitimate, dominated


  1. Obesity and alcohol __________ together to __________ the risk of liver disease in both men and women.

(a)act, increase                                     (b)result, aggravate                  (c)taken, arrest

(d)put, heighten                       (e)mix, lower


  1. There were screams, chills and thrills __________ at the discotheque the other night as the director along with the producers hosted a party to __________ the success of their latest horror flick. (a)combined, downplay (b)alike, mourn (c)experiences, mark

(d)galore, celebrate                  (e)risen, generate


  1. Adding to a growing body of research __________ cutting back on sweetened beverages it is now found that drinking. __________ sugary drinks may help lower blood pressure.

(a)for, all                                 (b)sustaining, increased           (c)against, lesser

(d)behind, more                       (e)supporting, fewer


  1. The blame game for the air tragedy is at ready in full __________ with the authorities Involved making attempts to __________ for themselves.

(a)sway, defend                       (b)view, try                              (c)fledged, protect

(d)swing, cover                                    (e)roll, hide


  1. The actress, wearing a dark grey suit and open necked shirt sat __________ the proceedings looking nervous throughout, __________occasionally frowning as her lawyer with the judge.

(a)through, argued                   (b)on, spoke                            (c)for, addressed

(d)with, discussed                    (e)along, lectured


  1. It was an excellent social Evening with people from all __________ of life getting a chance to let their hair __________ .

(a)areas, drop                           (b)realms, flow                                    (c)arena, undone

(d)walks, down                                    (e)types, loose


  1. There can be no denying the fact that in sports, star coaches have the __________ to get something extra out of their __________ .

(a)apprehension, work                         (b)ability, teams                       (c)fear, member

(d)capability, house                 (e)desirous, players


Answers:  1-c, 2-b, 3-e, 4-e, 5-d, 6-d, 7-d, 8-a, 9-d, 10-b.

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