Quiz 2 – One Word Substitution

Quiz 2 – One Word Substitution

  1. A person who has lost the protection of the law
    A. Outlaw
    B. Immigrant
    C. Outcast
    D. Orphan
    Ans. A.
  2. Falsication of documents
    A. Xeroxing
    B. Forgery
    C. Laminating
    D. Copying
    Ans. B

    3. To make atonement for one’s sins
    A. Expiate
    B. Renounce
    C. Remonstrate
    D. Recant
    Ans. A.

    4. Committing murder in revenge
    A. Massacre
    B. Vendetta
    C. Homicide
    D. Regicide
    Ans. B.

    5.The thing that can be easily broken
    A. Amorphous
    B. Brittle
    C. Subtle
    D. Solid
    Ans. B.

    6. An unimportant person
    A. Nonagenarian
    B. Nonentity
    C. Nonpareil
    D. Nonconformist
    Ans. B.

    7. Experts who scientically study insects
    A. Gerontologists
    B. Pathologists
    C. Entomologists
    D. Ornithologists
    Ans. C.

    8 .One who pretends to be what he is not
    A. Hypocrite
    B. Pessimist
    C. Optimist
    D. Infallible
    Ans. A.

    9. A paper/story/poem rst written out by hand
    A. Handicraft
    B. Manuscript
    C. Handiwork
    D. Thesis
    Ans. B.

    10.A job carrying no salary
    A. Honorary
    B. Memento
    C. Honorarium
    D. Memorandum
    Ans. A

    1-a , 2-b , 3-a , 4-b , 5-b , 6-b , 7-c , 8-a , 9-b , 10-a .

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