English Quiz-2 on Double Fillers

English Quiz-2 on Double Fillers

Welcome to our site in BankerBano.com Here we are providing a set of English Quiz on Double fillers for Exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI PO, RBI, NICL, SBI SO, LIC, IBPS Exams, SBI Exams and other competitive exams.

Quiz 3 – Most Important Double Fillers


  1. After __________ payrolls and tightening perks to cope with the economic slowdown last year, software companies are finding that a rising number of engineering and management graduates are transferring their __________to vocations such as manufacturing and banking.

(a)trimming loyalties                (b)reducing accounts               (c)hiking services

(d)increased affections                        (e)dropped potentials


  1. It is very important to __________ that when the swine flu virus enters a human body, it takes a minimum of one day to a maximum of eight days for the disease to develop__________

(a)gauge extensively                (b)ascertain further                  (c)understand fully

(d)verify remarkably               (e)fathom clearly


  1. Scientists, working to, save the earth, have __________ dry water that soaks, carbon three times better than water, and hence helps __________global warming.

(a)aided cut                              (b)created combat                    (c)built stop

(d)produced increase,              (e)invented monitoring


  1. The first round of the, contest had the students__________ themselves and __________ about their hobbies.

(a)introducing talking               (b)sensitizing sketching                        (c)showcasing planning

(d)acclimatizing mentioning     (e)gearing chalking


  1. The varsity poll process for __________ of new candidates has poor response with only ten thousand applications being received till date __________

(a)entrusting seen                     (b)registration evoked              (c)entrance made

(d)admission visited                 (e)experimenting generated


  1. The actress __________ from a chilled out girl off screen to an intense actor on screen in just a few minutes is __________ amazing.

(a)change, improperly              (b)revolution, just                    (c) transformation, simply

(d)adjustment, really                (e)renovation, truthfully


  1. Considering the __________ of the city to chemical and industrial disasters, the State disaster management authority has decided to constitute an expert study group to analyze all possible threats and suggest __________ to make the city disaster resilient.

(a)vulnerability, measures        (b)propensity, sketches                        (c)volatility, plans

(d)regularity, preparations        (e)instability, maps


  1. Despite the collapse of efforts to legislate a climate bill, the country has __________ international negotiators it remains __________ to reducing carbon emissions over the next ten years.

(a)entrusted, obligated                         (b)promised, averse                 (c)declared, ignorant

(d)assured, committed                         (e)pledged, attentive

  1. __________ by other singers and musicians, the singer Bang his heart out and even __________ the young new comers during their act.

(a)Helped, smiled                    (b)Accompanied cheered         (c)Created, judged

(d)Stopped, applauded                         (e)Assisted, greeted


  1. The health officials were told to the medical practitioners about the treatment and immediate medical __________ to be given to swine flu patients.

(a)inform, assistance                (b)enlist, backing                     (c)dissuade, aid

(d)apprise, emergency                         (e)encourage, help


Answers: 1-a, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a, 5-b, 6-c, 7-a, 8-d, 9-b, 10-e.

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