Quiz 4 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 4 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 4 – Most Important Double Fillers


  1. We can feel morally __________when someone Insults uses long as we do not __________ upon those feelings by burning down houses,

(a)challenged, stand                      (b)outraged, act                               (c)bound, build

(d)obliged, think                             (e)violated, harp


  1. Human beings are biological __________ they need to be grounded in time and place or else they come __________.

(a)things, forward                           (b)souls, back                                    (c)organisms, unhinged

(d)features, undone                      (e)creatures, again


  1. __________ their golden years of love and togetherness, the couple __________ all their guests at their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

(a)Celebrating, welcomed          (b)Remembering, asked              (c)rejoicing, promised

(d)Commemorating, brought     (e)Observing, greeted


  1. Since it does not have the __________ to do anything beyond sending out notices the corporation has now decided to take steps to attach movable properties such as cars so that people take the notices more __________ ?

(a)authority, appropriately         (b)influence, justly                         (c)guts, sincerely

(d)pressure, gravely                       (e)power, seriously


  1. A new law has been passed stating that no actor would be allowed to shoot beyond twelve hours in a day and those who __________ this norm would henceforth be __________ for it.

(a)followed, punished                  (b)accompanied, reprimanded                 (c)flouted, penalized

(d)defied, applauded                    (e)obeyed, disciplined


  1. __________ is China the worlds most populous country, with nearly 3 billion people, it is also the worlds fastest growing economy, __________ more than fourfold every year.

(a)Not only expanding                  (b)Merely developing                   (c)Hardly growing

(d)Surprisingly flourishing          (e)An example evolving

  1. Bangalore has__________beyond recognition into an IT propelled metropolis from a laidback city that it __________ .

(a)changed is                                     (b)developed should be              (c)constructed used to be

(d)progressed claims to be         (e)morphed once was


  1. While the agricultural revolution __________ the earths surface, the Industrial Revolution is changing the earths __________.

(a)changed as well                          (b)suffered air                                  (c)benefited condition

(d)transformed atmosphere      (e)predicted circumstances.


  1. The findings of a, recent study to __________ the factors which influence successful primary school completion __________ that extreme poverty is responsible for ninety percent of the school dropout cases.

(a)study proves                                                (b)establish examine                    (c)construct show

(d)explore reveal                            (e)reveal object to.


  1. __________the concept of environ mentally sustainable development __________ a quarter century ago, there is not a single country today which has a strategy to build an economy.

(a)Even though built                      (b)Although evolved                     (c)Besides took shape

(d)After still                                       (e)Though created


Answers: 1-b , 2-e , 3-a , 4-e , 5-c , 6-a , 7-e , 8-d , 9-d , 10-b.

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