Quiz- 4 Ratio & Proportion

Quiz- 4 Ratio & Proportion

  1. In a school, 10% of the boys are same in number as 1/5th of the girls. What is the ratio of boys to girls in that school?

(a)       1:2                   (b) 3:4                          (c) 3:2                          (d) 2:1                         (e) NOT


  1. A sum of money is distributed among A, B and C such that A get double of C and B get average of A and
  2. find the ratio in which the money is distributed?

(a)       1:1:7                (b) 2:2:1                       (c) 1:1:2                       (d) 1:2:3                      (e) NOT


  1. Divide 27 into two parts so that 5 time the first and 11 times the second together equal to 195. Then ratio of the first and second part is:

(a)        10:17               (b) 17:10                      (c) 10:13                      (d) 1:2                         (e) 5:7


  1. The speed of a boat in still water is 500% more than the speed of the current. What is the respective ratio between the speed of boat downstream and speed of boat upstream?

(a)        4:9                   (b) 5:7                          (c) 5:6                          (d) 11:2                       (e) 7:5


  1. In a class of 75 students, one-fifth of the total number of girls and three- fifth of total number of boys join a cricket club. If the total number of boys joining the club is 27. What is the respective ratio of the total number of boys to the total number of girls joining the club?

(a)        9:4                   (b) 9:2                          (c) 2:27                        (d) 5:2             (e) NOT


  1. In a class of 125, 20% students can dance. 2/5 of the total students can sing and 2/5 of the remaining students are good at sports. What is the respective ratio of students who can dance to students who are good at sport?

(a)        3:4                   (b) 9:8                          (c) 5:2                          (d) 1:8                         (e) 5:4


  1. The respective ratio of the number of boys to girls studying in school is 25:29. The total number of students studying in the school is 270. If 15 boys and 15 girls take admission in the school. What will be the new respective ratio of the boys and girls studying in the school?

(a)        2:1                   (b) 7:8                          (c) 5:8                          (d) 2:7             (e) 12:7


  1. Two numbers are in the ratio of 3:5.if 9 is subtracted from each then they become 12:23. Find the numbers?

(a)        23,46               (b) 33,55                      (c) 32,16                      (d) 13, 28                    (e) 14,28


  1. The income of A, B and C are in the ratio of 7:9:12 and their spending are in the ratio 8:9:15. If A saves 1/4th of his income, then the saving of A, B and C are in the ratio of :

(a)        1:2:3                (b) 3:4:7                       (c) 7:9:2                       (d)data inadequate      (e)NOT


  1. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a college is 5:6. If the percentage increase in the number of boys and girls are 25% and 30 % respectively, then find the new ratio?

(a)        120:131           (b) 125:156                  (c) 123:121                  (d) cannot be determined (e) NOT

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