Quiz 6 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 6 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 6 – Most Important Double Fillers

  1. Behaving in a __________ and serious way, even in a __________ situation makes people respect you.

(a)calm, difficult                     (b)steady, angry                       (c)flamboyant, tricky

(d)cool, astounding                  (e)silly, sound


  1. Along with a sharp rise in __________ a recession would eventually result in more men, women and children living in __________ .

(a)crime, apathy                       (b)fatalities, poor                     (c)deaths, slums

(d)unemployment, poverty      (e)migrations, streets


  1. The government has __________ to provide financial aid to the ones __________ by severe floods in the city.

(a) desired, troubled                 (b)promised, havoc                  (c)failed, affected

(d) wanted, struck                    (e)decided,


  1. An airplane with __________ passengers on board made an unscheduled __________ as the airport to which it was heading was covered with thick fog.

(a)irritable, slip                                    (b)faulty, stop                          (c)variety, halt

(d)tons, wait                             (e)numerous, landing


5.Deemed universities __________ huge fees, but have not been successful in providing __________ education to our students.

(a)collect, maintaining                         (b)pay, better                           (c) ask, good

(d)charge, quality                     (e)demand, quantitative


  1. Much of the __________ that cricket has is due to the fact it is a __________ sport.

(a)allure, lucrative                    (b)criticism, controversial        (c)attraction, unpopular

(d)flak, great                            (e)comments, unusual


  1. Since foggy weather __________ visibility by several metres, the railways has either partially __________ or diverted some of the trains.

(a) improves, started                (b)impairs, called off               (c)hampers, withdrawn

(d)decrease, stopped                (e)reduces, cancelled


  1. The once __________ district is gradually being __________ of its green cover.

(a)remote, eroded                    (b)arid, replenished                  (c)beautiful, devoid

(d)picturesque, depleted          (e)lush, rob


  1. The pilot knew she would be able to see the __________ lights of the city from her cockpit window, but she would not see the fireworks explode to welcome the new year as she would have __________ to cruising altitude.

(a)few, soared                          (b)divine, escalate                    (c)glistening, jumped

(d)picturesque, depleted          (e)glittering, climbed


  1. The New Year has –__________ in good news for city hotels as most properties are __________ for the whole month.

(a)brought, deserted                 (b)ushered, packed                  (c)pushed, full

(d)steered, renovating              (e)escorted, vacant


Answers: 1-a , 2-d , 3-c , 4-e , 5-d , 6-a , 7-e , 8-d , 9-e , 10-b .

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