Quiz 7 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 7 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 7 – Most Important Double Fillers

  1. The Sun has constantly been __________ and reappearing and that has got the temperature __________ over the past two days.

(a)vanishing, control                (b)hiding, fluctuating               (c)appearing, soaring

(d)going, unpredictable                        (e)disappearing, unusual


  1. The teacher called upon the students to __________ interest in science and participate in various orientation programmes in order to their __________ scientific skills.

(a)take, learn                            (b)place, further                       (c)develop, hone

(d)generate, mix                       (e)envision, share


  1. The police commissioner may __________ the state government to close five police stations __________ of poor infrastructure and bad location.

(a)order, in the light                 (b)request, because                  (c)ask, reason

(d)plead, due                           (e)command, in lieu


4.Over one lakh aspirants __________ their luck in various examinations __________to the city on Sunday, which turned out to be a peaceful day.

(a)trying, flocked                     (b)attempting, gathered            (c)challenging, entered

(d) seeing, ventured                 (e)planning, assembled


  1. The singer certainly __________ up to the sky high expectations of hi s audience by __________ them with career.

(a)lived, wooing                       (b)geared, attracting                 (c)summed, enticing

(d)met, singing                                     (e)stood, belting


  1. Governments do not want to take a decision and resort to softer align, delay tactics and collusion, hoping that the judiciary will __________ in to relieve them of the __________ of decision-making

(a)come, enlightenment           (b)vouch, trouble                     (c)barge, pleasure

(d)step, burden                                    (e)vote, task


  1. The most important factor is the __________ of a wealthy Indian middleclass which can now to send their children abroad for education. __________

(a)emergence, afford               (b)advent, focus                      (c)decline, manage

(d) rise, wish                            (e) perception, go


  1. Crores of public money is __________ on parks in the city and yet most of them are out of __________ for the public.

(a)invested, limits                    (b)spent, bounds                      (c)bet, reach

(d)put, areas                             (e)made, boundaries


9.Rules are for those who cannot __________ them and not for the rich and influential who can __________ to ignore them.

(a)follow, demand                   (b)set, opt                                (c)break, suggest

(d)find, ask                              (e)challenge, choose


  1. Experts cannot __________ enough on the benefits of __________ more fruit and vegetables In your daily diet.

(a)pressure, involving              (b) strain, adding                      (c)emphasize, contributing

(d) state, mixing,


Answers: 1-b , 2-c , 3-b , 4-a , 5-a , 6-d , 7-a , 8-b , 9-e , 10-d .

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