Quiz 8 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 8 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 8 – Most Important Double Fillers

  1. For the last three months, the dengue __________ has put southern districts on high alert and has been keeping local administrations and the health department on their __________

(a) outbreak, toes                           (b)fever, hinges                               (c)epidemic, feet

(d)mosquito ground                       (e)disease, beds


  1. The new age scooter is perfect __________ just as a commute option for women, but is functional enough for men __________ .

(a)vehicle, also                                  (b) not, too                                         (c)for, well

(d) neither, nor                                                 (e) either, additionally


  1. The police __________ a gang __________in duping telebanking customers and arrested 10 persons.

(a) told, mastering                           (b) busted, specializing                  (c) seized, innovating

(d)caught, dealing                           (e)arrested, setting


  1. The arrested persons were __________ in court and in __________ Judicial custody.

(a)demanded, persuaded            (b)questioned, sentenced           (c)taken, left

(d)produced, remanded               (e)sent, kept


5.AH the school students __________ the vicinity will be taken to the nearby theatres __________the festival.

(a)in, during                                       (b) on, for                                           (c)at, in

(d) among, at                                     (e) around, on


6.A plethora of cultural talent __________ the spectators busy at a talent programme where students from various colleges get together to __________ their mettle in various contests.

(a) tried, show                                  (b) kept, prove                                                 (c)caught, puzzle

(d)held, learn                                    (e)helped, mention



  1. The __________ of Chinese plastic thread should be banned as it __________ thousands of birds every year during the kite flying season.

(a)sale, cripples                                (b)sell, kills                                          (c)sale, disturbs (

d)sell, disables                                  (e)sale, saves


8.Harish __________ with me some basic techniques that one can __________ at home without even owning a drum set.

(a)made, shred                                                 (b)imparted, try                               (c)learned, balance

(d)fits, rehearses                             (e)shared, practice


9.In the present case, the facts clearly __________ that the required reasonable degree of care and caution was not __________ by hospital in the treatment of the patient.

(a)reflect, compressed                  (b)fix, advancement                       (c)show, proceeded

(d)observe, considered                                (e)indicate, taken


  1. Students from the Middle East and the African countries have __________ been __________ contributors to the pool of foreign students in the university.

(a)traditionally, major                    (b)conservatively, crucial              (c)surprisingly, most

(d)intuitively, salient                      (e)annually, lucid


Answers: 1-a , 2-b , 3-b , 4-d , 5-a , 6-c , 7-a , 8-e , 9-e , 10-a .

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