Quiz 9 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 9 – Most Important Double Fillers

Quiz 9 – Most Important Double Fillers


  1. The minister __________ about various __________ being provided by officials for the pilgrims including

direction wise colour coded passenger enclosures.

(a)ceased, functions

(b)enquired, facilities

(c)relied, opportunities

(d)shy, evidence

(e)asked, deity


  1. It is __________ to drive in the evening and night when the __________ of accidents looms large due to

nonfunctional streetlights.

(a)juvenile, planning

(b)easy, risk

(c)instinctive, fame

(d)difficult, threat

(e)natural, feature


  1. An overcast sky made Sunday less than __________ for city residents, who going by weather experts have

more in __________ .

(a)difficult, fate

(b)perfect, store

(c)holiday, sky

(d)dream, sharing

(e)steady, frame


  1. Many teachers __________ the lack of professional freedom as the __________ for leaving the job.

(a)cited, reason

(b)explained, force

(c)claimed, understanding

(d)argued, culprit

(e)believe, ground


  1. Skeptics would not __________ that the earth actually moves, let alone that it __________ around the sun.

(a)permit, orbits

(b)accept, revolves

(c)experience, circles

(d)assume, went

(e)challenge, spins


  1. Much of the __________ that cricket has is due to the fact it is a __________ sport.

(a)allure, lucrative

(b)criticism, controversial

(c)attraction, unpopular

(d)flak, great

(e)comments, unusual


  1. Since foggy weather __________ visibility by several metres, the railways has either partially __________ or

diverted some of the trains.

(a)improves, started

(b)impairs, called off

(c)hampers, withdrawn

(d)decrease, stopped

(e)reduces, cancelled


  1. The once __________ district is gradually being __________ of its green cover.

(a)remote, eroded

(b)arid, replenished

(c)beautiful, devoid

(d)picturesque, depleted

(e)lush, rob


  1. The pilot knew she would be able to see the __________ lights of the city from her cockpit window, but she

would not see the fireworks explode to welcome the new year as she would have __________ to cruising


(a)few, soared

(b)divine, escalate

(c)glistening, jumped

(d)shining, reached

(e)glittering, climbed


  1. The New Year has __________ in good news for City hotels as most properties are __________ for the whole


(a)brought, deserted

(b)ushered, packed

(c)pushed, full

(d)steered, renovating

(e)escorted, vacant


Answers: 1-b , 2-d , 3-b , 4-a , 5-b , 6-a , 7-e , 8-d , 9-e , 10-b .

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